Are you looking for new ways to motivate your students?

Do you want to add something extra to your English lessons, something visual, something with a bit of magic
, something from which students can learn?

Then try Teaching with Film.
Martin Bradley is a film enthusiast, with extensive experience working in higher education and teacher training. He has combined his knowledge of film with his English-teaching experience to create a unique series of resource books for the classroom of the 21st century.
The three volumes contain a total of 455 memorable scenes from 248 movies and with more than 1,260 follow-up tasks.

You want your students to
practise one of the four skills; you want to lead in to a topic; you're looking to illustrate a (business) skill, then you will find a clip here.

Teaching with Film 3

Teaching with Film 3

The scenes contain a wealth of vocabulary, show native speakers using the language in "real life" and give your students an invaluable and fascinating window into the culture of the English-speaking world.
The books are aimed at teachers of English as a foreign language working in schools, higher education or language schools with students of an intermediate level and upwards and using communicative language teaching methods.

Teaching with Film 3

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The Trilogy
Teaching with Film 1, 2, 3
Now as a 3-book packet

Teaching with Film
+ 2 + 3
 € 59.00 
Martin Bradley
stone river books, 2022

Teaching with Film 1
available as eBook

Volume 1 (Kindle eBook)
 € 9.90 
Martin Bradley
stone river books, 2020

Teaching with Film 3


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