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These books are the result of
a partially misspent youth.

Leonard Bernstein once
said about classical music:

"It's like a ride
          in a roller-coaster.

It leaves you breathless.
It makes you smile."

Ditto film.

Martin Bradley
Vienna, 2022
Born in Britain. Resident in Vienna. Experience in the media and industry and 16 years teaching English at a university of applied sciences (FH) in Austria and 10 years holding teaching with film seminars at university colleges of teacher education (PH) throughout Austria and in Italy. Volume one of the Teaching with Film series was published in 2013 (second edition: 2016, eBook: 2020), its sequel in 2016 and in 2020 volume three.



In die Unruhe liegt der Kraft
(Strength lies in restlessness)

From the song Angstfrei
Written by Herbert Grönemeyer
Das ist Los (2023)

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