The Magician
in the Classroom.
Teaching with Film

Practical magic!

Bring the magic of cinema into your classroom. Motivate. Inspire. And learn English too. A practical seminar/workshop providing new ideas and inspiration for using film in the English-language classroom.

From introducing a new topic to triggering a creative writing task, from modelling a communication skill to illustrating a situation, a well-chosen film scene can be the core of a memorable lesson and provides a multitude of uses in the English-language classroom.

By combining a film scene with a task-based, skills-based lesson and using communicative language teaching methods then you have a practical, relevant and powerful tool for learning English (and about life as well).

You want to add something extra to your lessons, something visual, something with a bit of magic? Try teaching with film.

Content (Varies)
1. Trigger | Lead in | Listen | 4 skills | Illustrate | Model | Creativity | Language | Visual

2. Analysing a film scene | One scene: All levels | The 3 Ps | Dos/Don'ts | Variations | Benefits/Pitfalls | Software | Resources

3. Group task | Workshop

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