to the website for the Teaching with Film series and its accompanying seminars for teachers of English as a foreign language.

Currently there are three volumes available:
Teaching with Film,
Teaching with Film 2 and
Teaching with Film 3.

Are you looking for new ways to motivate your students?

Would you like to bring more film into your classes?

Do you want to add something extra to your English lessons, something visual with a bit of magic
, something from which students can learn as well as be entertained?

Then the resource books Teaching with Film, Teaching with Film 2 and Teaching with Film 3 are for you.

Volume 3

Volume 2

The three volumes contain a total of 455 memorable scenes
from 248 movies and with more than 1,260 follow-up tasks.

You want your students to
practise one of the four skills; you want to lead in to a topic; you're looking to illustrate a (business) skill, then you will find a clip here.

The scenes contain a wealth of
vocabulary, show native speakers using the language in "real life" and give your students an invaluable and fascinating window into the culture of the English-speaking world.

Volume 1

Volume 1
(Kindle eBook)

The books are aimed at teachers of English as a foreign language working in schools, higher education or language schools with students of an intermediate level and upwards and using communicative language teaching methods.

Martin Bradley is a film enthusiast, working in higher education and teacher training. He has combined his knowledge of film with his English-teaching experience to create a unique series of resource books for the classroom of the 21st century.


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Scenes from
Oscar-nominated films

for the English-
language classroom

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Teaching with Film 3


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Book trailers

A series of book trailers:
Teaching with Film 3

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Book trailer: Adeptness

Date: 21st September

Book trailer: Magic

Date: 14th September

Book trailer: Scratch

Date: 7th September

Book trailer: Wane

Date: 31st August

Book trailer: Moontime

Date: 24th August

Book trailer: Jeebies

Date: 17th August


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Teaching with Film
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Teaching with Film 3 direct
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