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Magazine/Newspaper articles



Benyahia, Sarah Casey (2007) Teaching Film and TV Documentary. London: British Film Institute (Teaching Film and Media Studies series, editor: Vivienne Clark)

Bradley, Martin (2013)
Teaching with Film.
Vienna: stone river books

Bradley, Martin (2016)
Teaching with Film 2.
Vienna: stone river books

Donaghy, Kieran (2015) Film in Action. Peaslake: Delta Publishing (Delta Teacher Development Series)

Nicholas, Angela (1999) 99 Film Scenes For Actors. New York: Avon Books

Readman, Mark (2003) Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV Production. London: British Film Institute (Teaching Film and Media Studies series, editor: Vivienne Clark)

Sherman, Jane (2003) Using Authentic Video in the Language Classroom. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series, editor: Penny Ur)

Stempleski, Susan & Tomalin, Barry (2001) Film. Oxford: Oxford University Press (Resource Books for Teachers series, editor: Alan Maley)

Wharton, David & Grant, Jeremy (2005) Teaching Analysis of Film Language. London: British Film Institute (Teaching Film and Media Studies series, editor: Vivienne Clark)

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Magazine/Newspaper articles


Bradley, Martin (March 2014)
Moving pictures English Teaching Professional Issue 91

John, Divya (April 2010)
Reinforced language tasks using video Modern English Teacher Vol. 19-2

John, Divya (January 2010)
Video and language activities Modern English Teacher Vol. 19-1

Porcel, Carme (July 2009)
Using films in class Modern English Teacher Vol. 18-3

Lowe Mark (January 2008)
Films in English Language Teaching. Big screen benefits Modern English Teacher Vol. 17-1

Brown, Phillip (July 2007)
Popcorn culture. The Four Skills and "Self-Development" Modern English Teacher Vol. 16-3

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Huffington Post blog (19th April 2017) on the film studio 20th Century Fox offering lesson plans to schools for its film Hidden Figures, the little-known story of three black women, computer pioneers working on the early NASA space programme: ‘Hidden Figures’ Curriculum Brings Film’s Lessons To The Classroom.

Guardian article (2nd April 2016) on the argument for using movies as a classroom tool: Michael Sheen enters row about showing films in class.

Guardian article (26th September 2013) looking at how films can get students interested in learning a foreign language: Languages, camera, action: using film to inspire your students.

New Scientist editorial (4th October 2010) asking the question, "How do people learn?": Time for teachers to take another look at neuroscience.

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Film Education

The Film Space

Film in Language Teaching Association

Into Film
Education charity promoting the use of movies in school

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"Gentlemen, include me out."
Sam Goldwyn (1882-1974)
US film producer

(on resigning from the
Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America in 1933)


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