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Films are funny, moving, thought-provoking and motivating. Films can sum up a problem in a few minutes of well-written script, dilemmas we face in everyday life can be illustrated in an entertaining way. In the teaching of English as a foreign language they can help trigger discussions and writing tasks, be used to practise listening skills, learn vocabulary, allow students to hear how native speakers "really" communicate, highlight business and communication skills and give students a glimpse into another culture adding colour and life to what they are studying.

The author has compiled two resource books with 325 film scenes from 187 of some of the most successful, popular and critically-acclaimed English-language movies of recent decades for teachers to integrate into their lessons. Each scene has been carefully chosen and then categorised under themes. Vocabulary, gist listening tasks, follow-up writing, speaking or research tasks and references to related material in standard English language course books have also been included when relevant.

Aimed principally at teachers of English as a foreign language, Teaching with Film will also be of interest to English teachers in general who are looking for something visual, something that will motivate, something that will create a good atmosphere for learning, something with a bit of magic. And that something is film.

Martin Bradley is a film enthusiast, researcher and teacher working in higher education in Austria. He has combined his knowledge of film with his teaching experience to create a unique resource book suited to the classroom of the 21st century.

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Teaching with Film 2

A resource book for teachers
of English as a foreign language

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Teaching with Film
A resource book for teachers
of English as a foreign language


"My mind rebels at stagnation!
Give me problems!
Give me work!"
Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes
(USA/Germany, 2009)

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English Teaching professional
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